Public release of WSTools PowerShell module

After over 10 years of development and use by multiple organizations, WSTools PowerShell module is being released to the public. This module contains over 150 different functions used for day to day tasks and once in a blue moon tasks. With more being written all the time. It is an accumulation of thousands of hours of research, development, testing, and real world use by multiple organizations. It covers domain management (Active Directory – Windows domains), Insider Threat, remediation/patch management, PowerShell automation, and several other areas. Over the last 10 years, it has saved the users of the module in excess of 60,000 man hours because of the automation it provides. It is being released to the public in hopes that it can provide other organizations and users some help. Even if that help is just a systems administrator or PowerShell enthusiast copying a line or a couple lines of the PowerShell code to complete a script they are working on or to accomplish a single task.

WSTools PowerShell module started out as just a couple scripts written by the primary author, Skyler Hart, to automate a couple of his daily tasks in his role as a Tier 3 Systems Administrator supporting a global organization so that he could focus on helping the customers and get more work accomplished. Then once Skyler became a Senior Systems Administrator work on the module really accelerated. Skyler is now the Systems Engineer for the same global organization and development of the module is a daily task of his both for the clients he supports and outside of work for his own Windows domain. Several personnel and organizations that have worked with Skyler or that have heard about the WSTools PowerShell module have requested it and have used the module in it’s entirety or pieces of it, including at least three government agencies.

Most of the functions in the module have been driven by real world needs by multiple teams and have assisted help desk/service desk, Information Assurance, Cyber Security, networks, Engineering, and development personnel. The biggest issues faced over the years have been with compliance (DICAP and RMF.) Several of the functions in the module have been in support of those requirements. Whether that required changing configuration setting or just running reports.

This module would not of been possible without the articles/blog posts of Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson (retired.) He was an inspiration and many of his articles helped greatly throughout the years and are still referenced from time to time. There are also several other Microsoft employees who have helped over the years. Also, many of Skyler’s co-workers have helped and even contributed pieces of code or almost entire functions.

Another hope of the module being publicly released is that other people will contribute to it, find issues, or make suggestions.

-Skyler Hart

The repository for WSTools PowerShell module can be found on Azure DevOps here. You can download or clone the module from there. Or you can click on the Repository link in the menu.

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