Domain Management and computer/server management

Get domain information, restart services on domain controllers, set attributes, and more.

Insider Threat

Finding a single users profile on a lone computer among thousands? Check. See when a user has logged into a computer? Check. Get a list of USB storage devices that have connected to a computer? Yep, that too. Plus lots more!


Configure settings for compliance, uninstall programs, and install updates remotely.

PowerShell Automation

Code blocks/snippets for both PowerShell ISE and Visual Studio Code are included to make writing scripts and functions faster and easier.


Run one of 40+ functions for reporting on compliance, gathering information about your computers/servers, or checking Active Directory objects for certain information.


Aliases have been added for quick access to lots of different configuration settings and programs within Windows Operating Systems.

Public release of WSTools PowerShell module
After over 10 years of development and use by multiple organizations, WSTools PowerShell module is being released to the public. This module contains over 150 …